Conferences, Workshops, teaching

Main talks:

  • Feedback and presentation for ComputeOps workgroup, LPNHE, Paris: nvidia-docker, Singularity on GPU, and Wicopa, 2019 (see here [french content]),
  • Feedback and presentation "Les containeur sur HPC : Docker et Singularity", at the CNES/COMET event, Toulouse: "Les Technologies de conteneurisation dans le cloud et ailleurs", 2018 (pdf [french content])
  • JDEVs 2017), Marseille, "Quelle place pour les conteneurs dans le monde du HPC ?" (pdf, video),
  • Lightning Talk, JRES 2015, Montpellier, "Gérer sa documentation en Markdown" (pdf [french content]),
  • "OpenVZ" presentation, Montpellier, INRA event about containers technologies, 2016 (pdf),

Teaching /Workshops: